We are Femtogrid. We provide renewable energy solutions. Our products generate more energy and measurably higher efficiency per system. We achieve these results by applying unique and patented technology in our products.



About Us

Femtogrid provides safe, reliable, and plug & play solar. We unlock the potential of solar by optimizing solar energy by each module. This sets us apart from the traditional string approach which optimizes solar energy per string. By thinking differently, Femtogrid optimizes the total solar energy generated for faster return on investment and overcomes the limitations and weaknesses of traditional solar.


Our products enable module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, distributors, integrators, installers and system owners to optimize the total solar energy generated per system by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module and connecting the modules in parallel to the inverter. As a result, Femtogrid overcomes shading conditions, module mismatch, aging mismatch, soiling mismatch and temperature variance. In addition, Femtogrid is able to combine rooftops with different azimuths and/or tilts in one system.
Besides optimizing the energy generated per module, Femtogrid monitors the energy generated per module, providing full visibility for the system owner and alerts for the installer and system integrator in order to perform problem-free service. Last but not least, the parallel system architecture combined with our internal software controls makes Femtogrid the safest system.


Femtogrid was founded in 2010 and is the spider in the solar web, as our products can be integrated in both the module and in the inverter. Furthermore, our applicability extends beyond solar. With Femtogrid, it is possible to combine solar and wind in one hybrid system or support battery management. This modularity results from our smart (DC) grid approach and will be explained in the section Technology.