11.05.2015 l Press Release

As per May 1, 2015, Femtogrid Energy Solutions BV, located in Aalsmeer, has become a sister company of Direct Current BV. By joining forces, a great value emerges for the future of direct current (DC) by connecting power generation and consumer to DC smart grids. The current projects of Femtogrid with existing customers will be unchanged and will benefit from the expansion of the technology.

Technological lead

Femtogrid has considerable experience and expertise in connecting solar panels to DC smart grids. By combining the experience and knowledge with Direct Current BV we achieve a major technological advantage in the market.

Important innovations in sustainability

We talk about sustainable energy generation, but what we often forget is that this energy also needs to be stored and distributed in the most efficient manner possible. This is the third pillar (storage and distrubution) in the chain of the DC grids. A DC smart grid offers great advantages for savings in energy and materials and forms a base for major innovations in sustainability. The possibilities are vast, think for example of street lighting where the infrastructure can be combined with solar panels on the roads, like SolaRoad (energy generated roads), or in sound barriers, but also for DC at home.

International market

In India and South Africa, there are now more than 350 million people without electricity. Now we can offer users a system solution, and/or portable DC grids, that will bring energy generation, storage, distribution, and consumption, a huge leap forward (power to and from the people). This enables us to further strengthen our position in the world and enhance the international market for export.