23.01.2013 l Press Release

With the commissioning of the first Femtogrid installation in Zeeland via SAMEN Groep Femtogrid installations are now active in all 12 provinces in the Netherlands. After a first focus via existing partners on the provinces Noord-Holland and Utrecht Femtogrid has found its way via new partners to the other provinces. This milestone shows us there is a market for Power Optimizers in the Netherlands next to the traditional string solution.

Tom Engbers, CEO and co-founder of Femtogrid: ‘The Netherlands have been our core focus from the start. We have invested time and effort in training installers and system integrators. We want them to consider Femtogrid when they are configurating installations that solve (partial) shading or combine flat and tilted rooftops. It makes us proud that these investments in our business partners have paid off. Our Power Optimizers solve the (partial) shading, enable to combine flat and tilted rooftops in one system and maximize solar energy in a safe and reliable way. And that is what the end user is looking for.’