14.08.2013 l Announcement

Femtogrid launches the Femtogrid Sales Tool for its customer. The tool is one of a kind and answers questions about the performance of Femtogrid. The tool’s main objective is to provide an indication about the expected annual energy production for a solar installation equipped with Femtogrid in comparison to a traditional string solution and can be used in the pre-sales phase.

Besides the influence of possible shading objects and the resulting partial shading losses that occur the tool also determines cable losses, module mismatch losses, and aging mismatch, soiling mismatch and temperature variance losses. The tool shows the benefit of using Femtogrid, performing module level power management, in comparison to the traditional string solution, performing string power management.

Femtogrid strives to achieve a result that is close to reality. Note, however, that the tool is a simplification of reality building on a model and taking into accounts some assumptions for reasons of simplification, which are discussed in the tool’s disclaimer. Femtogrid is committed to user privacy. The tool does not store or share any data with others. Go to the Femtogrid Sales Tool to learn more about what Femtogrid can do for you.