19.11.2013 l Press Release

Femtogrid gave a pitch yesterday at Amsterdam DEMO DAY. The event is organized by the Amsterdam Economic Board in cooperation with Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, Venture Lab, Yes!Delft incubator, TU Eindhoven, TU Twente, Utrecht inc and others. The 21 ‘hottest’ startups of the Netherlands – including Femtogrid – were offered the opportunity to pitch to launching customers (companies and governments) in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The goal of DEMO DAY is to stimulate the cooperation between startups and large(inter)national companies and government agencies. The startups active at Amsterdam DEMO DAY have been selected based on potential and innovative solutions. We are proud on the opportunity to pitch at Amsterdam DEMO DAY and are looking forward to the spillovers that arise from this sort of events and cooperations.


Photo Amsterdam DEMO DAY

Amsterdam DEMO DAY_kopie