01.10.2013 l Announcement

Partner Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions presents the Femtogrid solution at the Elektrotechniek 2013. Elektrotechniek is a trade show aimed at electrical engineers and the industrial sector. It features the latest systems, technologies and products from the entire electro-technical branch. This year, the theme of the trade show is sustainability and energy and it takes place from 30 September till 4 October at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions presents the Femtogrid solution for solar energy using the Femtogrid demo-setup. This demo-setup consists of 6 (small) modules, which are mounted in 2 rows of 3 modules and collect the light from a number of light bulbs. The upper 3 modules are equipped with the Femtogrid solution. The lower 3 modules are equipped with a traditional string solution. Both rows receive the same level of irradiation from the light bulbs. As a result, the demo-setup embodies 2 systems: the parallel Femtogrid solution vs. the serial traditional string solution.

By implementing an identical partial shading for both solutions, we are able to compare the performance of Femtogrid to a traditional string solution. We examine the impact of partial shading on 1 module for the power of the 3 modules and the speed of the Maximum Power Point Tracking. Our demo-setup shows that Femtogrid generates more energy and has a much faster Maximum Power Point Tracker than the traditional string solution. Visit the Elektrobeurs 2013 and learn more about Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions and what Femtogrid can do for you.


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