11.05.2015 l Press Release

As per May 1, 2015, Femtogrid Energy Solutions BV, located in Aalsmeer, has become a sister company of Direct Current BV. By joining forces, a great value emerges for the future of direct current (DC) by connecting power generation and consumer to DC smart grids. The current projects of Femtogrid with existing customers will be unchanged and will benefit from the expansion of the technology.

Technological lead

Femtogrid has considerable experience and expertise in connecting solar panels to DC smart grids. By combining the experience and knowledge with Direct Current BV we achieve a major technological advantage in the market.

Important innovations in sustainability

We talk about sustainable energy generation, but what we often forget is that this energy also needs to be stored and distributed in the most efficient manner possible. This is the third pillar (storage and distrubution) in the chain of the DC grids. A DC smart grid offers great advantages for savings in energy and materials and forms a base for major innovations in sustainability. The possibilities are vast, think for example of street lighting where the infrastructure can be combined with solar panels on the roads, like SolaRoad (energy generated roads), or in sound barriers, but also for DC at home.

International market

In India and South Africa, there are now more than 350 million people without electricity. Now we can offer users a system solution, and/or portable DC grids, that will bring energy generation, storage, distribution, and consumption, a huge leap forward (power to and from the people). This enables us to further strengthen our position in the world and enhance the international market for export.



23.01.2013 l Press Release

With the commissioning of the first Femtogrid installation in Zeeland via SAMEN Groep Femtogrid installations are now active in all 12 provinces in the Netherlands. After a first focus via existing partners on the provinces Noord-Holland and Utrecht Femtogrid has found its way via new partners to the other provinces. This milestone shows us there is a market for Power Optimizers in the Netherlands next to the traditional string solution.

Tom Engbers, CEO and co-founder of Femtogrid: ‘The Netherlands have been our core focus from the start. We have invested time and effort in training installers and system integrators. We want them to consider Femtogrid when they are configurating installations that solve (partial) shading or combine flat and tilted rooftops. It makes us proud that these investments in our business partners have paid off. Our Power Optimizers solve the (partial) shading, enable to combine flat and tilted rooftops in one system and maximize solar energy in a safe and reliable way. And that is what the end user is looking for.’



22.01.2014 l Announcement

Femtogrid is officially part of the SUMMIT FP7 Consortium Program for development of long-life, high-efficiency PV modules. In this program a number of companies including Femtogrid will engineer long-life, high efficiency PV modules, which are smart and lightweight. The program will be led by TULiPPS B.V. and has just been approved to receive 4-million EUR from the European Commission.

These PV modules are designed to eliminate long-standing issues with conventional modules, which are heavy, unattractive and are offered in very few sizes. As a result, these modules can be difficult to fit in many odd-size locations on typical roofs and building walls. The new consortium aims to fix all these issues and seeds to develop a more durable, energy efficient, lighter weight, lower cost PV module platform that can be used for sloped or flat roofs and as building cladding. Femtogrid will perform the smart-module power management for higher energy generation that is less prone to power drop-off even under non-ideal local conditions (for example shading). We are proud to be part of this ambitious consortium.

For more information about the SUMMIT consortium and the other partners involved read the Long-Life High-Efficiency PV Modules a Step Closer as Consortium Receives Funding press release.



19.11.2013 l Press Release

Femtogrid gave a pitch yesterday at Amsterdam DEMO DAY. The event is organized by the Amsterdam Economic Board in cooperation with Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, Venture Lab, Yes!Delft incubator, TU Eindhoven, TU Twente, Utrecht inc and others. The 21 ‘hottest’ startups of the Netherlands – including Femtogrid – were offered the opportunity to pitch to launching customers (companies and governments) in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The goal of DEMO DAY is to stimulate the cooperation between startups and large(inter)national companies and government agencies. The startups active at Amsterdam DEMO DAY have been selected based on potential and innovative solutions. We are proud on the opportunity to pitch at Amsterdam DEMO DAY and are looking forward to the spillovers that arise from this sort of events and cooperations.


Photo Amsterdam DEMO DAY

Amsterdam DEMO DAY_kopie



02.10.2013 l Press Release

Femtogrid is part of the first official project of the Solar Energy Application Centre (SEAC): the Module Level Power Management (MLPM) project. MLPM implies power management per module, which means the optimization of each individual module within a solar installation for maximum solar energy. This is exactly what Femtogrid stands for and is making possible with its current products.

SEAC was created in 2012 as a cooperation between ECN, TNO and Holland Solar. Its mission is to stimulate both R&D as well as the economical activities in the Netherlands and its neighboring regions in the field of innovative solar energy systems and applications. The MLPM-SEAC project was started on 17 July 2012 and the field test was officially opened on 26 September 2013.

The MLPM-SEA project compares 3 different Dutch solutions in terms of energy production, whereby production data is collected for over a year and including all seasonal influences. Femtogrid’s Power Optimizer solution is being compared with Mastervolt’s traditional string solution and the micro inverter solution from Heliox to conclude with system architecture generates the most solar energy.

This project is being part of the Topsector Energy program. Within Topsector Energy partners have bundled their forces to build the Topconsortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI). Policy information about the TKI can be found on the website of the Rijksoverheid.

We are proud to be part of the prestigious MLPM-SEAC project and are looking forward to the results. Watch the movie about the TKI to learn more about the TKI, Topsector Energy, SEAC, and Femtogrid.


Photo of the MLPM-SEAC project:

MLPM-SEAC project



01.10.2013 l Announcement

Partner Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions presents the Femtogrid solution at the Elektrotechniek 2013. Elektrotechniek is a trade show aimed at electrical engineers and the industrial sector. It features the latest systems, technologies and products from the entire electro-technical branch. This year, the theme of the trade show is sustainability and energy and it takes place from 30 September till 4 October at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions presents the Femtogrid solution for solar energy using the Femtogrid demo-setup. This demo-setup consists of 6 (small) modules, which are mounted in 2 rows of 3 modules and collect the light from a number of light bulbs. The upper 3 modules are equipped with the Femtogrid solution. The lower 3 modules are equipped with a traditional string solution. Both rows receive the same level of irradiation from the light bulbs. As a result, the demo-setup embodies 2 systems: the parallel Femtogrid solution vs. the serial traditional string solution.

By implementing an identical partial shading for both solutions, we are able to compare the performance of Femtogrid to a traditional string solution. We examine the impact of partial shading on 1 module for the power of the 3 modules and the speed of the Maximum Power Point Tracking. Our demo-setup shows that Femtogrid generates more energy and has a much faster Maximum Power Point Tracker than the traditional string solution. Visit the Elektrobeurs 2013 and learn more about Schuurman Elektrokern Solutions and what Femtogrid can do for you.


Photo demo-setup Femtogrid:



Photo booth Schuurman 12.C084:

Foto stand Schuurman


02.09.2013 l Press Release

Vogelbescherming Nederland has chosen Femtogrid to minimize the impact of shading on its modules and maximize the solar energy produced. Vogelbescherming Nederland is located in Zeist. The surroundings are beautiful, but some trees located close to the headquarter result in partial shading on the rooftop. In order to minimize the impact of shading and maximize the solar energy Vogelbescherming Nederland has chosen Femtogrid to optimize the modules.

The system is a good example of the possibilities of solar energy for rooftops that face partial shading from trees. The system of Vogelberscherming Nederland consists of 32 modules. During the day some modules will face partial shading from trees. As the partial shading differs per module and per time interval Vogelbescherming Nederland has chosen for Femtogrid to optimize solar energy per module.

The parallel architecture of Femtogrid makes sure that the energy produced by a module is not limited by the energy produced by any other module in the same system. As a result, Femtogrid minimizes the system’s impact of partial shading and maximizes the total amount of solar energy. Watch the video PV modules installed at Vogelbescherming Nederland to learn more about the system for Vogelbescherming Nederland and Zonline, who has supplied the total system to Vogelbescherming Nederland.


Photo system Vogelbescherming Nederland:

Vogelbescherming Nederland


14.08.2013 l Announcement

Femtogrid launches the Femtogrid Sales Tool for its customer. The tool is one of a kind and answers questions about the performance of Femtogrid. The tool’s main objective is to provide an indication about the expected annual energy production for a solar installation equipped with Femtogrid in comparison to a traditional string solution and can be used in the pre-sales phase.

Besides the influence of possible shading objects and the resulting partial shading losses that occur the tool also determines cable losses, module mismatch losses, and aging mismatch, soiling mismatch and temperature variance losses. The tool shows the benefit of using Femtogrid, performing module level power management, in comparison to the traditional string solution, performing string power management.

Femtogrid strives to achieve a result that is close to reality. Note, however, that the tool is a simplification of reality building on a model and taking into accounts some assumptions for reasons of simplification, which are discussed in the tool’s disclaimer. Femtogrid is committed to user privacy. The tool does not store or share any data with others. Go to the Femtogrid Sales Tool to learn more about what Femtogrid can do for you.



28.06.2013 l Press Release

Femtogrid looks back at a very successful InterSolar Europe 2013 exhibition. The InterSolar Europe 2013 took place in Munich, Germany, from 19-21 June. It is the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry. This year was the first year that Femtogrid exhibited a booth.

Tom Engbers, CEO of Femtogrid: “The InterSolar Europe is the stage where new innovative product introductions are shown to the marketplace for the first time.  For Femtogrid it is the ultimate place to be to launch our 2nd generation Solar Power Optimizers and our so-called ‘Inverter Independent’ program. With the reception of existing and prospective customers spread around more then 30 different nationalities, we have had a great and vey productive InterSolar Europe 2013.”

Frank Berets, Sales Manager of Femtogrid: “We have used the exhibition to present ourselves to the world and to launch our 2nd generation Solar Power Optimizer. The last 2 years we have successfully introduced are 1st generation Solar Power Optimizer to the market. Our Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers generate maximum energy per installation, monitor per module, and guarantee the safest PV system. These claims have been established by our 1st generation Solar Power Optimizer. We are proud and delighted to launch our 2nd generation Solar Power Optimizers, and continue our efforts to take Femtogrid to the next level.”


A snapshot of the Femtogrid booth at InterSolar Europe 2013:
InterSolar Europe 2013



12.06.2013 l Announcement

Femtogrid will be exhibiting a stand at the InterSolar Europe. Come visit us on Wednesday the 19th, Thursdays the 20th, or Friday the 21th of June at hall B5, booth number 372. At the InterSolar we will launch our new Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizer PO310, our new Femtogrid Cables, our inverter independent solution via our F2G Interface Unit, and our Femtogrid Ethernet Gateway.

Moreover, we will launch our new Femtogrid look & feel and our new Femtogrid website. We are looking forward to meeting you at the InterSolar. For questions, please send your e-mail to

Femtogrid InterSolar Banner 2013