Femtogrid Cables clearly sets Femtogrid apart from traditional solar due to the extra 3rd wire in our DC cables. Femtogrid uses a 3-wire DC cable, which provides significant benefits in terms of safety and control, whereas traditional solar uses a standard 2-wire DC cable. The 3rd wire enables Femtogrid to control every single Power Optimizer, and hereby, every module or turbine. As a result, with Femtogrid the complete system becomes controllable.

On top of this, Femtogrid uses a unique parallel system architecture. With Femtogrid, modules are connected in parallel to the inverter; with traditional solar, modules are connected in series to the inverter. As a result, Femtogrid overcomes the weaknesses of traditional solar and eliminates the negative system impact of shading conditions, module mismatch, aging mismatch, soiling mismatch and temperature variance. Last but not least, Femtogrid Cables are plug & play, easy to use and have a standard 20 year warranty.

The 1st generation Femtogrid Cables are specifically engineered for the 1st generation Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers, PO300. This 3-wire DC cable has Wieland/Femtogrid connectors. In turn, the 2nd generation Femtogrid Cables are specifically engineered for the 2nd generation Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers, PO310. This 3-wire DC cable has ALTW/Femtogrid connectors.



  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Plug & play
  • Easy to extend the system or replace parts of the system


The table underneath presents the highlighting features of Femtogrid Cables:

Femtogrid Cables Description Details Max. Capacity Max. Feed Through Current In-Out
FG-CA025-CA2M 2 m cable 3×2.5 mm2 ≤4kW ≤20A
FG-CA025-CA8Ms 8 m cable 3×2.5 mm2 ≤4kW ≤20A
FG-CA025-FGM Male connector Compatible to 3×0.75-4mm2 ≤4kW ≤20A
FG-CA025-FGF Female connector Compatible to 3×0.75-4mm2 ≤4kW ≤20A
FG-PT-3B-170-B-055-DS Landscape trunk cable 3×2.5mm2 ≤6kW ≤15A
FG-PT-3B-105-B-090-DS Portrait trunk cable 3×2.5mm2 ≤6kW ≤15A
FG-PA-3B-170-A-07E050-DS Landscape trunk/drop-line cable 3x4mm2 ≤8kW ≤20A
FG-SMC03-2E-001-DS Drop-line cable 3×0.75mm2 ≤2kW ≤5A