F2G Interface Unit

F2G Interface Unit

By means of the F2G Interface Unit Femtogrid Power Optimizers are connected in parallel to third party inverters. As a result, the F2G Interface Unit offers a solution when a third party inverter is used instead of the Femtogrid Inverter. The F2G Interface Unit takes over the necessary features of the Femtogrid Inverter, which are part of the distinguishing Femtogrid technology and are not performed by the third party inverter: the 3-wire cable with the extra ‘AUX(illary) power wire’ and module level monitoring.
The F2G Interface Unit is a tailor-made solution for a third party inverter. The first step is to check the compliance of third party inverters to our Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers. In order for third party inverters to be compliant to Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers, third party inverters require:

  • A MPPT range per MPP input that covers 380 Vdc
  • Max. Current x 380 Vdc >= Max. AC power output
  • A ‘380 Vdc fixed voltage mode’ menu setting

The F2G Interface Unit offers a solution for every system size and as a result provides true design flexibility. The F2G Interface Unit has a standard 10 year warranty.



  • Connectivity to third party inverters
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module and per string
  • Cost effective design
  • Module level monitoring