The first tool launched on our website is the Femtogrid Sales Tool.


Femtogrid Sales Tool

The main objective of the Femtogrid Sales Tool is to provide insights of the influence of possible shading objects on the energy production of a solar installation. Taking into account possible shading objects, we have simulated the results for modules equipped with our solution and for the traditional string solution using the photovoltaic software package PVsyst. The Femtogrid Sales Tool shows the benefit of using Femtogrid, performing module level power management, in comparison to the traditional string solution, performing string power management.

We strive to achieve a result that is close to reality. Note, however, that the tool is a simplification of reality building on PVsyst and taking into accounts some assumptions, which are mentioned in our disclaimer. Femtogrid accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever regarding the results of the tool. Take the test to learn more about our value added solution.