Overview of the Femtogrid Benefits

Our products enable module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, distributors, integrators, installers and system owners to maximize the total amount of solar energy by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module in a safe, reliable and plug & play way.

Using Solar Power Optimizers and connecting the modules in parallel to the inverter, Femtogrid overcomes shading conditions and makes it possible to combine rooftops with different azimuths and/or tilts in one system. As a result, complete rooftops can now be utilized. The energy generated per module is shown in our online monitoring tool, My Femtogrid.


  • The safest PV system
  • Early start & late shutdown of the module
  • More kWh/kWp installed
  • Monitoring is the steppingstone for care-free service
  • Future-proof
USP Safe solar
USP Early start and late shut-down
USP More energy productionUSP Monitoring per moduleUSP Future-proof and easy to extent